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The banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp.

—Cormac McCarthy, The Road  (via scumbugg)

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we have now been accounted for
and it is written on our empty graves
that After everything still I stayed.
And I mean it.
I stayed. I stayed. I stayed.

—Buddy Wakefield, “Self-Portrait”   (via malglories)

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A woman doesn’t even have to touch you and she could lift you up.

—Casual conversation with a homeless man in San Francisco (via hipsandheartbreak)

Need a break

Need a break

I dream heavily in the morning and I am held.

Often I see you there,

sometimes you have a dog and the dog bites me,

In my sleep my body coils, reacting to the flesh

and I wake up alone, my lover already left for work.

For the first few minutes I can’t remember who I’ve been sleeping next to 

but the body knows,

it never forgets,

lying lucid against the wall.

A bee came into my room to die,

and what I know is that I need to leave the city,

even just to ignore the flecks of old memories lying heavy in the pavement,

even just for a day or two. 


“Remember: Magic spells take many forms, from spoken word to candle burning, to mixing oils, to something as simple as posting an image on the wall. Your energy, focus and intent are what transform simple actions, words and gestures into magic spells.”

Judika Illes, Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells (via dryadwitch)

literally how i view magic and how it works

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Nietzsche urges us to see that human suffering is necessary, but what is not necessary is painfully regretting that suffering. Our condition hands us difficulty, and unless we are careful to stop ourselves, we add more difficulty to our lot by fearing and loathing that difficulty. We suffer and then hate ourselves for suffering. We are much better off accepting the pain, seeing it as universal, noting that it can be borne, and, when possible, expressing it.

—Jennifer Michael Hecht, from Stay (via violentwavesofemotion)


I confess I have grown tired of long
dreams that take me back to the point where they begin and I end,
without us ever meeting in the morning.

Mahmoud Darwish, “I did not dream,” A River Dies of Thirst (Archipelago Books, 2009)

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